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In the selection procedure, the groups of astronauts will be tested for short duration tests, for example 2-7 days. This will probably take place in the recording studio.
The ten groups that are finally selected to train to go to Mars will be trained and tested once per two years, for a period of about three months. With ten groups that are training, Mars One will need two of these analog outposts which will be manned permanently. This will probably take place in a place that is easy to reach, for example in Iceland.
Final preparations of the group that was selected to go to Mars and the first and second backup crew will probably take place in a place that is as much as possible like Mars, like the dry regions of Antarctica.
Mars One will make sure that legal issues for the astronauts are taken care of.

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One-Way Mars Trip: Aspiring Martian Colonists Land In Washington

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WASHINGTON — A group of volunteers hoping to become the first human Martians congregated in one spot for the first time Saturday (Aug. 3) to discuss their hopes to join the Mars One mission, a project to send colonists on a one-way trip to the Red Planet.

Mars One CEO and co-founder Bas Lansdorp addressed a crowd of about 50 Mars One applicants, almost all male, in an auditorium here at George Washington University. The mood at the event, which was webcast live, was something akin to a gamer’s LAN party — excited discussions blended with nerdy banter. But the purpose was serious.



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